Colorado Sports Betting Report for 2021

Colorado Sports Betting Report for 2021

The Colorado sports betting report for 2021 is now available, and the numbers are very encouraging to those who are learning how to be a bookie. This report covers the 2021-2022 financial year. And the 12-month period shows us that Colorado residents wagered a total of $4.78 billion in total for online sports betting. Meanwhile, retail betting took in 459.7 million. This brings the total sports betting in Colorado at $4.82 billion.

Of course, those who run a sportsbook pay per head will be more interested in revenues from sports betting. According to the data from the 2021-2022 financial year, the total gross gaming revenue, or GGR, is at $282.6 million. If we break it down to the sources, online sports betting operators got $279.6 million in GGR, while retail sportsbooks have $3.9 million.

Colorado Sports Betting Report

Colorado Sports Betting Report for 2021The numbers for sports betting in Colorado is indicative of a healthy market, considering that the covered year is post-pandemic, where many industries are recovering from a financial slump due to COVID-19. And since Colorado offers both retail and online sports betting, the state gives its residents easier access to sports betting products. This is something that is beneficial to a pay per head bookie, since it helps people become aware that sports betting is here, and can be easily accessed through a phone or a laptop.

In terms of the products or events that people bet on, basketball was the most popular sport that residents bet on, with a total of $1.20 billion in wagers. The next most popular sport is football, with $768.6 million. Baseball comes in at $506.2 million. As for the types of wagers, parlays are particularly popular in Colorado with $872.5 million in wagers. Meanwhile, sports bettors in Colorado had a $4.53 billion of payouts in the year.