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Sportsbook Pay Per Head

Top Quality Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solutions for You

Using a sportsbook pay per head has been the practical choice for many a bookie. To put it simply, you are outsourcing your work to someone. But instead of having to hire a team of developers, betting experts and oddsmakers, you’ll outsource to a pph software company. Instead of having to micromanage every single detail of your business, our software will be there to streamline everything.

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The cost of putting up your own online sportsbook with us is very reasonable, since you only pay for the number of players you use. To be fair to our customers, only active players will be charged. So for every active player you have, you just pay $5 per week. This fee comes with a lot of features that you can fully customize to your needs. After all, we are no ordinary sportsbook pay per head provider.

And when it comes to focusing on your bookie skills, we’ve got your back, too. Head on over to some of our bookie tutorials to get expert advice and tips.