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Sportsbook Favorite Serena Williams Retires from Tennis

Sportsbook Favorite Serena Williams Retires from Tennis

Last updated on August 13th, 2022 at 08:15 am

Serena Williams retires, or, as she calls it “evolves away” from tennis. In an essay she wrote for Vogue, Williams blew up the sports news industry with her announcement that after the US Open, she will be moving on to other ventures, and to focus on her family as well as she wants to have more children. One of the biggest names in tennis, Williams has a jaw-dropping 23 Grand Slam titles, and an Olympic medalist as well.

As most in the software sportsbook industry can remember, Serena Williams started to make waves in the tennis world when she and her sister Venus in the late 1990’s. She won her first Grand Slam title in the 1999 US Open, and she was only 17. Should Williams win another Grand Slam in the US Open, it would come full circle for her to start and end her Grand Slam wins in the same tour.

Serena Williams Retires from Tennis

Sportsbook Favorite Serena Williams Retires from TennisAfter the US Open, sportsbook PPH owners will have to adjust tennis betting lines to accommodate for the loss of one of the strongest tennis players of all time. Williams has 23 Grand Slams, one short of the 24 Grand Slam record of Margaret Court. Its quite expected now that many will be rooting for her to win the US Open so she could tie with the GOAT of tennis.

But she herself if playing down the expectations for the US Open. Williams has written that she was not ready to win Wimbledon this year, and that she is not sure if she will win in New York, but that she will try to. Williams also said “I’m terrible at goodbyes, the world’s worst. But please know that I am more grateful for you than I can ever express in words… And I’m going to miss you.”

Serena Williams put up a venture capitalist business before she started her family a few years ago. She is focused on investing and in helping expand opportunities in women’s sports. Her firm, Serena Ventures, are focusing on seed-stage investments for start-ups. She is also a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. And together with her husband, she is also the founding co-owner of a new women’s football team in LA.