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Are There Sharp Bettors in Your Sportsbook?

Are There Sharp Bettors in Your Sportsbook?

Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 02:46 pm

In our latest bookie tutorial, we will take a closer look at the different types of players you will come across in your sportsbook. There are players who will be betting for fun- betting on their Alma Mater’s sports teams,for instance. They would love betting on their home state pro leagues, or even teams where their favorite athletes are. There are also more serious players who bet on sports to earn money. These are players who are professional bettors, known as sharp bettors.

As a bookie, you need to know your players betting preferences to maximize their activity. But more than that, some types of bettors may actually pose a higher risk, since these players will try to take advantage of your sports betting odds to win big.

Sharp Bettors in Your Sportsbook

Are There Sharp Bettors in Your Sportsbook?Sharps typically have a better and deeper understanding of sports betting markets. They are known for their ability to identify profitable lines. Some will even go as far as to use statistical models and analysis in helping them find good wagers to place. Some may even use insider information or other sources of data to gain an advantage in betting.

You can use your sportsbook pay per head software to check and review your players’ wagers. While its not likely that sharps will be winning a lot by a large margin, they tend to win more than other players. They may also place wagers using specific amounts. This is known as arbitrage betting. But if you suspect that you have a sharp playing in your sportsbook, then keep an eye out for the wagers they make.

When this happens, you can easily move the betting lines to minimize the risk. You can also reduce the limits that you offer them, not give incentives, or even delete their accounts if they prove to violate the terms of your sportsbook. Even if you find yourself with professional bettors, as long as you manage your betting lines well, you will be able to minimize the risk, and maybe even earn from all of your players.



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