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How Important is Customer Service in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

How Important is Customer Service in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

Last updated on July 3rd, 2021 at 02:31 pm

In any business, big and small, customer service is an important part of your operation. One that you should never forget to do. Its not just about getting reports of problems or complaints. Most of the time in sportsbooks, customer service representatives are there to answer questions. Also, to follow up on certain requests. But more than that, customer service speaks of your intentions, as a bookie, to be able to easily communicate with your players. Customer service in your pay per head sportsbook is very, very important. We at Easy Pay Per Head will show you how to offer this service properly.

The most immediate customer service representative that people generally talk to will depend on your operation. If you are using a really good bookie pay per head software, then you are most likely already equipped to offer 24/7 customer support. Your bookie service provider will have a team of customer service staff. They will be on call to answer any inquiries from your players. Usually, they will answer basic questions on the software. They can also talk about the process of using the software. Of course, basically any troubleshooting issues. They can even explain the basics, of say, what bet types are available for soccer.

Customer Service in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

How Important is Customer Service in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook?This feature is great for your sportsbook as it shows how professional your sportsbook is. It also helps you manage your player inquiries to you have more time to manage your sportsbook. However, as a pay per head bookie, if there are questions about payments, promotions, bonuses, payouts and lines, you are the best customer service person to talk to.

Remember that as a bookie, a big chunk of your work is about building lasting relationships with your players. The more personalized the experience, the better. So, if your players have questions about the software, then they will be impressed with you having a team of people ready to help. But, if you, the bookie himself, would speak to the player and explain lines or payouts and what not, then the player will feel more important. As a bookie, as long as you have these two options readily available, then you have a good customer service strategy in place. You can also expand this to accommodate inquiries through many channels: phone, email, live chat, text, or social media messaging.