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How to Start a Hockey Betting Site

How to Start a Hockey Betting Site

Last updated on April 9th, 2024 at 12:50 pm

A lot of people look at hockey betting as an easy way to earn money. But the reality is, it takes more than just the money and your intuition if you want to earn a lot from betting. You need to know about how odds are made, how hockey leagues like the NHL works, and a lot more. But unknown to some, there are ways to earn more from hockey betting. For instance, an NHL fan can win from hockey betting. But the income they can get from betting will not be as good as after they learn how to start a hockey betting site and be a hockey bookie.

When you open a hockey sportsbook, you can earn from every single game in the NHL, and other leagues. From the opening game through the NHL Finals in the Stanley Cup, bookies can easily earn from betting on the game’s scores, player stats, and more. And given how popular hockey is in the US, Canada, and Europe, you can easily gain a regular customer base of hockey bettors and earn from betting.

How to Start a Hockey Betting Site

How to Start a Hockey Betting SiteStarting a hockey betting site can be a lucrative business venture, especially for those who are passionate about the sport. You can elevate your experience when you bet on hockey and become the bookie, with very minimal training needed. Here are a few things you need to know before you start a hockey sportsbook.

  • Know the Sport. If you are a hockey fan, then this will be easy. But if you are new to the sport, you need to know how the sport works, and how the leagues like the NHL is run. Its important to know the structure, like divisions, schedules, seeding, and how the postseason works. Then, you need to know as much as you can about the teams and the players.
  • Learn About Sports Betting. Of course, its pretty much a given that to be a hockey bookie, you need to know everything you can about betting on hockey. What bets can your players make? How are odds made? What prop bets and parlays are popular with hockey? Is live betting popular in hockey betting? Knowing this will make you better at line management, which is important if you want have a profitable sportsbook.

Become a Hockey Bookie with Easy Pay Per Head

The fastest and most efficient way is to open a sportsbook with a Pay Per Head software. A Pay Per Head software allows you to create and launch an online sportsbook on your own. The platform is has everything you will need to start a hockey sportsbook. Easy Pay Per Head only costs $5 (or less), so it is also a very affordable and practical option.

Steps to Start a Hockey Sportsbook

Easy Pay Per Head is named after its main goal: to give bookies an easy way to start your own online sportsbook. These are the steps you need to take to become a hockey bookie.

  1. How to Start a Hockey Betting SiteRegister with Easy Pay Per Head. The very foundation of your hockey sportsbook will be the software that you choose. It is important to find a reliable bookie pay per head software. Easy Pay Per Head will give you a large portfolio of betting options, security features, and has a user-friendly interface. The Easy Pay Per Head software can handle the the action of your sportsbook, even as you expand your business, while still be affordable enough that you get good value for your money.
  2. Add Players to Your Sportsbook. Once you register with Easy Pay Per Head, you will need to start adding players by creating a player profile for each of them. You can set the betting limits and access across the board, but you can also customize the limits for each player you have.
  3. Promote Your Hockey Sportsbook. You need to build your sportsbook’s visibility and gain more players on a regular basis. A popular way to do this is to promote your sportsbook through social media, SEO marketing, partnerships with influencers, ads, and so on. It will also be a huge help to offer a welcome bonus to draw in bettors. Most of the time, bonuses are great incentives not just for new players, but also to get referrals from existing players.
  4. Manage Your Sportsbook. You will need to manage the lines in your sportsbook based on the activity of your players. When its time for payouts, you will need to be able to release their winnings as scheduled. The software should make it easier for you since all of the details are documented. You can check the software for each player’s data.

Once you have your hockey sportsbook set up and live, you can continue to offer promotions and offerings to entice your players to bet more. You can customize it to promote special events in hockey, like the start of the NHL season, the start of the Playoffs, All Star Games, and the Stanley Cup. Your bookie software will also give you tools like a feature where you can generate reports to analyze your sportsbook, add an online casino, horse racing, and more.


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