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How to Start a Horse Betting Business Site

How to Start a Horse Betting Business Site

Horse racing is a multi-billion-dollar industry, having a market size of $402.3 billion back in 2022. The market forecast also predicts a CAGR of 8.89%, which can go as high as $793.9 billion in 2030. The steady rate of growth, coupled with the increasing popularity of online horse racing, makes it one of the most profitable forms of gambling. Many who want to earn from an online business opt for horse racing by learning how to start a horse betting business.

With horse betting as popular as it is, to become a horse racing bookie is very profitable- and now very easy to do. With the right software, and proper preparation on your end, you can easily open a racebook. Then, you can start earning from events like the upcoming Preakness Stakes.

Is it Hard to Become a Horse Racing Bookie?

How to Start a Horse Betting Business SiteTechnology has introduced a lot of conveniences for us today, increasing productivity and efficiency. The gambling industry is one that greatly benefits from this. Ten or twenty years ago, we would have told you that to start a racebook, you will need thousands of dollars, and it would take months to create a horse racing business for you.

Nowadays, you just need a Sportsbook PPH software to create a racebook. With only a few hundred dollars, and a few minutes of your time, you can configure and launch your very own online horse racing website. As long as you know how horse racing works, and you are familiar with races like the Kentucky Derby or the Grand National, then you will not have a hard time managing a racebook.

How to Start a Horse Betting Business with a Pay Per Head Software

The main goal of a pay per head provider is to give you an online gambling business that you can launch instantly, with a very low operating cost. It is called pay per head, because you only get to pay a fee for every player, or head, who actively bets each week. With a pph software, you can open a racebook, a sportsbook, and even launch an online casino.

Your bookie pay per head software will give you access to virtually every single horse race from various tracks from around the world. Here is how you start a horse betting business:

  1. How to Start a Horse Betting Business SiteRegister for an Account. Sign up with your bookie software provider and configure your account.
  2. Add Players. Of course, your racebook will not earn money without players. So let your friends and players know where to bet on horses – which of course is your sportsbook. Create an account for each player, set their limits, and wait for them to place wagers. It will help if you would offer a welcome bonus to reward them on their first deposit, or their first wager on a horse race.
  3. Manage Your Racebook. Your bookie software will help you with this, but basically you need to track all of the bets you will get in your horse racing site. If necessary, move the lines. When scheduled, make sure you release the winnings and payouts as scheduled to ensure your players stay happy with your racebook.
  4. Look at Your Racebook’s Data. Once you start with your racebook, you need to look at the data and find out how you can improve your business by generating more player registration, increasing player activity, and more.

Why Start a Racebook With Easy Pay Per Head

Our Easy Pay Per Head horse racing software provides you with everything you need to make it easy to manage a horse betting business. Our software offers complete back-office services, such as line and player management, report generation, a dashboard for you to configure everything. It also includes a website where your players can place their wagers. Here are a few advantages you will have when you use our horse betting platform:

  • How to Start a Horse Betting Business SiteAffordable rate of $5 per player (or less)
  • Access to horse racing and other products like sports betting and casino games
  • Create and edit player profiles on your own
  • Easy to use Player Management System
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Offer player bonuses
  • Phone wagering is available
  • Secure site
  • 99% uptime
  • No deposit needed

The best part about joining us at Easy Pay Per Head is that we will never ask you for a deposit. In fact, we will even give you two weeks for free. So you can open a racebook and earn money for half a month without needing to pay us. Hopefully, this will be more than enough time for us to prove to you why Easy Pay Per Head is your best resource in running an online racebook. And when your racebook grows, and you get more and more players betting in your racebook, you can be assured that our software can adjust to your growing needs.


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