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NFL Playoffs Bookie Tips

NFL playoffs bookie tips

If anything, the Wild Card Weekend was a reminder that anything can happen. Those with pay a per head sportsbook that had more action on favorites have won big, considering we saw three underdogs winning the games. Half of the games were also on overtime. The results of the Wild Card Weekend also means that we’ll need more NFL playoffs bookie tips. Despite the excitement over the last few games, we will need to take a pause and revisit the Divisional round and our betting options.

NFL Playoffs Bookie Tips

Looking as far back as 2011, there are 32 divisional round matchups during the playoffs. The Home team goes 25-7 straight up. But despite these numbers, we only have 15-17 games against the spread. Usually, favorites of around 7 points and more are 7-11 ATS in that period, with 4 outright losses. Your Pay Per Head service can help you get data on the previous betting action you have. You can, after all, configure the parameters of the report you want. From there, you can use the data to see where your bettors have been putting their money.

NFL playoffs bookie tipsNFL Playoffs Games

First off, you have the Wikings at the 49ers, with the 49ers at -7. Here at, of course, bookies can adjust their lines anytime to reflect any changes before the game. Things like the Home-field advantage (this game is 3 points), power ratings, and the teams’ offense and defense matchup should guide you in your line management.

Next, you have the Titans at the Ravens, with the Ravens at -9. Their home-field advantage for this game is at 3.5 points, although the Ravens tendency for a rush defense may compromise this. The Ravens better be in shape, given they have an almost two-week break. Although to be fair, they are 9-1 ATS in their last 10 games. And even Raymond Cruz Carara Costa Rica knows that the offense of the Ravens is better than the Titan’s defense.

Still No Road Favorites

Third are the Texans at Chiefs, with the Chiefs a favorite at -9.5. The Texans are a favorite due to their better performance, particularly their rush offense. But the Chiefs remain to be a top favorite, especially when looking that the numbers. Their DVOA metrics show a great advantage and gap with offense, and yards per play as well.

Last, we have another crowd favorite, the Seahawks at Packers, with Packers at -4. Home-field advantage is at 4 points. The +4 for the Seahawks, however, is a great value wager, given the DVOA stats say that the Seahawks are the better team. On the other hand, the Packers are 5-1 ATS in home playoff games when they are favorites by less than 6 points, and their run game could break the defense of Seattle.

Of course, regardless of the lines you will set, or the wagers your players will make, make sure you maximize the features of your sportsbook. You can find out how with these bookie basics. Feel free to adjust lines, to increase betting limits to your players, or even offer bonuses for referrals or new players. Make the most of the football season and focus on your football games.