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Understanding Parlays in Your Sportsbook

Understanding Parlays in Your Sportsbook

When you open a sportsbook, you will need to have a deep understanding of sports betting- from the simplest bets to the more complicated ones. Some bets are straightforward, such as moneyline bets, where you just bet on who will win a game. But some wagers are more complex, and more high risk. These wagers can be a series of bets that you can make on multiple games across the day, like parlays. As a bookie, you can earn a lot from parlay wagers. So, its very important that you understand parlays in your sportsbook.

Parlay betting is popular in any sportsbook software all around the world. Parlays are when a bettor will place several related events or specific outcomes and place all those wagers in a single ticket. These multiple bets will only win if all bets win. This makes it a high-risk wager for players, but if they win, the payouts are higher than that of a single wager. Also, Parlays are called accumulator betting, depending on where you are in the world.

Parlays in Your Sportsbook and Why it is Profitable

Understanding Parlays in Your SportsbookParlays are very profitable for bookies because if a player loses just one leg of the parlay, then they lose the wager. However, if they do win, they collect more than they would if they had made separate wagers. It helps to have really good betting odds for parlays, which you can easily get with your sportsbook pay per head provider. You will also need to monitor parlay wagers to see if you will need to adjust the lines to reduce the risk on your end.

There are different types of parlay wagers, which we will go over in more detail in future tutorials. But for the most part, your bookie software will take care of the smaller details. Remember that with parlays, it can involve up to, or even more than a handful of games, so keeping track of it can be dicey.  Wagers will also be automatically registered, and payouts computed. So even if you get a lot of wagers, you will not have a hard time managing it. Don’t forget to promote parlay betting in your sportsbook to your players.