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Understanding What a Pay Per Head Software Does for Your Sports Betting Business

Understanding What a Pay Per Head Software Does for Your Sports Betting Business

Last updated on February 3rd, 2024 at 02:04 pm

When you want to open a sportsbook and do your research, you will most likely come across the term Pay Per Head, or Pay Per Head Software in relation to sports betting. It is, after all, practically the industry standard for bookies who own and run their very own online sportsbooks. We have been getting a lot of inquiries on what a pay per head software does for your sports betting business, so we created this very short but detailed cheat sheet for you to use.

As far as bookie software goes, a lot of bookies opt for this kind of software because it is easy to use, and affordable. It makes it easier for you to launch a sportsbook without any technical training. It also makes it easy to manage it on your own, when in the past it used to require thousands of dollars and a team full of people to do so. Our guide will be as plain and simple as it can be, to help you gain entry to the world of a bookie.

What a Pay Per Head Software Does for Your Sports Betting Business

  • Understanding What a Pay Per Head Software Does for Your Sports Betting BusinessWhat is a Pay Per Head Software?

It is a software that is offered to those who want to own a sportsbook and offer sports betting odds for people to bet on. A bookie pay per head software provides you with the backend requirements you need to manage lines and limits, and the actual sportsbook website your players get to use.

  • Why is it Called Pay Per Head?

It is called a Pay Per Head software because the cost of using the software is charged per player, or per head. This helps you manage the cost of running a sportsbook, enjoying a lower overhead expense.

Other Pay Per Head Basic Information

  • How Do You Use a Pay Per Head Software?

The process is quite easy. You sign up and gain access to a dashboard where you can configure your sportsbook. You will see all the features you will need to access in this sports betting platform. In turn, any change you make will reflect on the sportsbook website in real time.

  • How Much is a Pay Per Head Software?

The cost varies for each provider, and so does the range of services. For example, other providers can offer the same at a different rate. Or they could offer their casino software for $1-2 more per player. Easy Pay Per Head offers $5 per player or lower. That includes all services such as online casino and racebook software.

  • What Does it Do For Your Sports Betting Business?

For one, you get to save up on the cost of the sportsbook software. Second, the pay per head software is complete since it is made for bookies. Thus, it helps you through every task you need to do as a bookie. Therefore, it increases your efficiency. This means you get to spend less time manually logging bets or computing payouts because everything is automated.


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