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What To Offer To Your Players When Sports Betting Is Down

sports betting coronavirus

Last updated on April 12th, 2020 at 03:32 pm

The whole world’s sporting industry is practically shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But even though most of the popular sports leagues are on a pause, it does not mean that your bookie software will have nothing to offer. There are, actually, quite a few alternatives that you can still offer your players in these dark times. For today, we’ll share some options you can offer to your players when sports betting is down.

It goes without saying that there are wagers on the actual cancellations and suspensions of games. Don’t be surprised if you are seeing lines with over under wagers on when they think sports leagues will resume the season, or if they will change the number of games, and so on.

What to Offer To Your Players

sports betting coronavirusFirst, is to offer wagers on various events that are not sports related. For example, there are a lot of wagers on the US elections. Currently, people are electing the candidates to represent either the democratic or the republican parties. There is quite a lot of action on the US election, so you may want to consider this.

Second, is to go for more obscure sports. When learning how to be a bookie, knowing how a sport and its league is run is integral to strategy. If you do not know how to analyze a sport or predict trends, then this will be risky for you. However, if you have the time to study markets as far as Eastern Europe or Asia, then you can actually offer lines to your players.

Other Gambling Options

Third, is to maximize your sports betting software. Majority of the best bookies in the market opt for pay per head sportsbook software. If you read Pay Per Head reviews, then you will see that these companies actually offer more than just sports betting.

You can divide this into two major branches. One, is horse racing. Some tracks in other countries are still open, so international races will be popular among those who love to bet on racing. The other option, is to invite your players to play in your very own online casino. Your casino will have everything you can find in an actual casino. Slot games, table games, live games and even live dealer casino games are available for your players to use while stuck at home. And, just like your sportsbook, you will not need to worry about the technical aspect of it, as the software is readily available for you and your players.