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Alabama Will Not Launch a Bookie Market Yet

Alabama Will Not Launch a Bookie Market Yet

Last updated on April 2nd, 2022 at 04:44 am

Many are wondering if we will be seeing a bookie market for Alabama this year. Especially when Senator Greg Albritton has a bill that aims to legalize sports betting and casino gaming. Unfortunately, it seems that we will not be seeing sports betting legalized as there are only a few legislative days left. And the bill is not gaining any traction at all.

The bill proposes to create a state lottery, allow for sports betting, casinos, and satellite casinos. However, this bill needs a constitutional amendment. The bill therefore needs 2/3 of the total vote, and the approval of the public through election. Many believe that having a sports betting platform in the state would be very profitable. Not just for the sportsbook owners, but for the state as well, as they can collect tax from revenues.

Alabama Bookie Market

Alabama Will Not Launch a Bookie Market YetBut there is an underwhelming lack of support for the bill, so its author believes that there is no chance for the state to vote to legalize sports betting yet. One of the possible reasons why there is no movement to the bill is because it is election year. Politicians may be hesitant to support a gambling bill as some of their demographics may be anti-gambling.

But many in the pay per head bookie industry think that Alabama could benefit from a sports betting market. The state can look to its gulf neighbors, Louisiana and Mississippi. Louisiana is the only state in the region that offers online sports betting, and its numbers are higher than other states without mobile betting. If you want to be part of the sports betting industry, regardless of where you are, you can learn about becoming a bookie and putting up your very own online sportsbook.