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Canada Bookie and Sports Betting Bill Passes Senate

Canada Bookie and Sports Betting Bill Passes Senate

Last updated on June 25th, 2021 at 05:36 pm

The Canada bookie and sports betting bill C-218, passes in a 57-20 vote (5 abstain votes). This bill proposes to amend the country’s criminal code. This means that single-game sports betting will now be legal in the country. In fact, Canadians may be able to start betting as summer ends. This means that for those who are learning how to be a bookie for dummies, Canada is a great betting market that you should be studying as well.

This bill was passed just before the legislative season ends, so it was a relief to many in the sportsbook pay per head industry to see this milestone happen this year. Otherwise, it will take another year before we can see sports betting in Canada. Now, let’s take a look at what Canada will now be doing before they can launch their sports betting industry.

Canada Bookie and Sports Betting Market

Canada Bookie and Sports Betting Bill Passes SenateCurrently, Canadians can only bet parlay bets through the lottery. Meanwhile, single-event bets are also legal in horse races. But now provinces across Canada can now open their doors to sports betting. In fact, Ontario may even launch as early as Labour Day.  Of course, there will still be work ahead. It took 10 years for the country to actually see sports betting. But the government will still determine the regulations and other such matters before they can allow sports betting in the state.

For pay per head bookie operators, keep in mind that Canada’s sports betting market is worth around $14 billion each year. With a legalized sports betting market, the number may even grow. All we have to do now is wait for provincial governments to regulate the market. They will also be in charge of issuing licensing in each province, much like how each state in the US manages their own regulations.