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Kansas Launches Sports Betting on September First

Kansas Launches Sports Betting on September First

Last month, we talked about how Kansas sports betting will have to wait a while longer as we still have not heard from the state on the launch date. But a lot can happen in a month’s time. Kansas launches sports betting on September first, making it in time to welcome college football and the NFL, two of the most lucrative sports leagues in the bookie pay per head industry.

The September 1 launch for sports betting in Kansas, however, is more of a soft launch to introduce and test out the sports betting market. The new law that legalizes sports betting was passed back in May and went into effect back in July 1. It was a near-miss, having passed the bill towards the end of the deadline.

Kansas Launches Sports Betting

Kansas Launches Sports Betting on September FirstThe delay for allowing wagering back in July is mainly because the state regulator, the Kansas Lottery, needed to take the time to finalize the regulations. They also needed to ensure that the application process for casinos to apply for a sports betting license runs smoothly. When learning how to become a bookie, you will find out what you need to start a sportsbook.

Of course, allowing for sports betting will now give the state an additional source of revenue from taxing sportsbooks. Currently, casinos in the state can launch their own retail sportsbooks. They can also partner with gambling app providers to offer online sports betting in the state.

Kansas offering online sports betting is a huge advantage for the state in terms of generating action and revenue. Online sports betting tends to be the more dominant platform for betting, as seen in the numbers of sportsbooks from The accessibility beats having to bet on a retail sportsbook. By bringing sports betting closer to the public, it would not be a surprise if residents from neighboring states like Missouri, who does not offer sports betting, will cross state borders to bet in Kansas.