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Michigan Imposes New Rules on Fantasy Sports Betting

Michigan Imposes New Rules on Fantasy Sports Betting

Using your sportsbook pay per head provider’s software introduces you to a wider range of gambling products you can offer to your players. One of the more interesting gambling products you will see is fantasy sports. Fantasy sports betting can offer your players an immersive experience in virtual or fantasy sports. From more traditional ones like football or soccer, you can also win and earn from tournaments and betting events like Farming Simulator and more.

However, some states and countries tend to impose restrictions on gambling and sports betting. For instance, in some states in the US, bettors cannot wager on college sports. For Michigan, certain types of fantasy sports games will no longer be allowed.

You can check your pay per head bookie betting software to see the available options you have, and what events you can enjoy playing. But for states like Michigan, New York, and Florida, there will be some limits.

Michigan Imposes New Fantasy Sports Betting Restrictions

Michigan Imposes New Rules on Fantasy Sports BettingThe restrictions now bans all forms of over/under proposition wagers on individual athletes where a player bets against the house. If you are familiar with most wagers you can find with pay per head bookie services, these are called Pick’em contests.

The new restrictions come from the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules accepts the restriction by default, therefore enabling the ban. A lot of fantasy sports players and bettors have voiced their requests that this new restriction be rejected. For now, the new restriction will stick, unless the state should choose to change it in the future.

Sports betting is quite popular in Michigan, and fantasy sports is also quite lucrative. In their most recent revenue report for gambling in July, fantasy sports operators reported a $1.2 million revenue. We will see how the new restriction will affect the handle and revenue of fantasy sports operators in the state in the next few months. This is why when it comes to offering gambling products, its best to have a wide variety available. Most pay per head bookie services can easily offer you this. This means you have multiple sources of income from casino gaming, sports betting and more.


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