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Nevada Betting Handle Maintains Billion Dollar Mark

Nevada Betting Handle Maintains Billion Dollar Mark

Last updated on January 29th, 2022 at 10:43 am

Nevada is one of the highest-ranked states in terms of sports betting handle. It is, after all, practically the capital of gambling in the country. Whether you are into eSports, sports betting, or plain old casino gaming, You can find everything in Nevada. In fact, it can take you weeks trying out different casinos each day, plus online sportsbooks in Las Vegas alone. And the numbers continue to prove it, as the Nevada betting handle stays at the billion-dollar mark for December.

The total monthly sports betting handle for the state this December is $1,013,986,620. This is the third consecutive month that the state records a monthly handle breaching more than a billion dollars. The handle is 6.5% lower than November’s $1.1 billion. However, we still see significant year-on year growth with a 72.5% increase in handle from December 2020’s $588.5 million.

Nevada Betting Handle: The Numbers

Nevada Betting Handle Maintains Billion Dollar MarkThe use of betting software accounts for $765 million out of the total handle. Mobile betting takes up around 75.4% of the total handle for December. This is 1.6% lower than the previous month’s $777.2 million. However, online sports betting in the state is 117.2% higher than December 2020’s 4352.2 million.

Of course, football reigns supreme as the top sport people bet on, with $477.1 million in wagers. This is lower than November’s $558.6 million. But it is totally reasonable, since there are much less college football games in December than November. Meanwhile, basketball takes up $408.7 million of the handle. This wraps up the year for Nevada, who, all in all, took in $8.1 billion in handle, with $445.1 million in revenue. If that is inspiring enough for you, then get this quality sportsbook pay per head and create your very own online sportsbook today.