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NCAA March Madness 2024 Schedule

NCAA March Madness 2024 Schedule

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 03:18 am

This weekend marks one of the most exciting weekends prior to March Madness. NCAA basketball dominates the headlines for basketball news as we now reach the Conference Tournaments this weekend. Saturday alone has us busy with 11 conference tournaments. Some will be in the semifinals of their conference, while some will be in their quarterfinals with a few conference final games thrown in the mix.

So if you are into college sports betting, make sure you keep checking the latest college basketball news to keep tabs on your favorite teams as we gear up for March Madness. If you look at the calendar, next week will be even busier with Championship rounds for these conferences. There truly is a lot of opportunity to earn from NCAA basketball betting here.

You can even earn more if you go on ahead and be a bookie. With the help of a good PPH Bookie software, you can create and launch a sportsbook in less than a day, if not a few hours. This allows to you be able to get players to bet in your sportsbook before the conference finals, and before March Madness begins.

NCAA March Madness 2024 Schedule

NCAA March Madness 2024 ScheduleTo help you stay updated, here are the important dates to remember for March Madness 2024. First up, of course, is Selection Sunday, which happens next week, March 17. Selection Sunday is important because this is when the NCAA teams are selected, seeded, and placed in the bracket. Selection Monday follows the day after for the Women’s Division of NCAA Basketball.

Next you have First Four from March 19 to 20, followed by the First Round from March 21-22. The Second Round follows suit from March 23-24, then there will be a short break for teams, fans, and bettors alike. Sweet 16 then begins on March 28-29, with Elite 8 from March 30-31. We again get another break and have time to prepare for the Final Four on April 6. Next, the Championship game will be on April 8.

With a very full calendar, make sure that you get to keep track of all of the upcoming games, and look for the best ways you can earn from basketball betting. Becoming a bookie is still in the running, as you can easily build a sportsbook in time for this weekend’s games.

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