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NBA Bookie News: Phoenix Suns Clinches Top Seed in Playoffs

NBA Bookie News: Phoenix Suns Clinches Top Seed in Playoffs

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 05:28 am

In the latest basketball news for the NBA bookie, The Phoenix Suns clinches the top seed in the NBA playoffs this week. It was one of the best games we have seen for the Suns recently. We have an eager Chris Paul returning after 5 weeks from a thumb injury. Paul has been absent since the All-Star game due to a broken right thumb.

Chris Paul was not the only one who performed well that night. Paul scored 17 points and has 13 rebounds. But Devin Booker was the star of the night with a season-high 49 points and 10 assists, leading the Suns to beat the Denver Nuggets 140-130 Thursday night. Those who are becoming a bookie should keep track of players who perform well individually, as this is a good tell for certain wagers, especially for Over/Unders.

NBA Bookie News: The Suns Shine

NBA Bookie News: Phoenix Suns Clinches Top Seed in PlayoffsThe Suns were off to a bad start to the evening, trailing behind most of the game until the fourth quarter. Their win last night earns them their 60th win this season, bringing their record to 6-14, a number that is not lost on the players. The whole team was ecstatic about their 60 wins, and also proves why they are one of the best teams in the league. The Suns are fast becoming a favorite in futures wagers, according to a pay per head bookie expert.

Booker has been performing phenomenally. Him not being discussed for the MVP award is something bettors and fans alike contest. But the Suns seeing Booker do so well, plus have Chris Paul back, is a great source of motivation. Mikas Bridges is also worth mentioning here. Ayton scored 22 points for the Suns, and it was his shot that gave the Suns the lead at 115-114. Deandre Ayton also played well, scoring 16 last night. Ayton scored a career-high 35 points in their game Wednesday night in Minnesota. Now, the Suns will be enjoying a home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.