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NBA Eastern Conference Top Seeds Locked In

NBA Eastern Conference Top Seeds Locked In

Much of what you will read in sports news talks about the NBA, as we are now entering the playoff season. If you are into sports betting, now is the best time to lock in your wagers, as the NBA Eastern Conference top seeds are locked in. As for the remaining seeds, there are a lot of great teams fighting to get into the last seed, and the play-in tournament as well.

And if you manage your own sportsbook through a bookie pay per head software, then you need to know where the teams stand in the NBA. The Eastern Conference has the first 5 seeds locked down, and seeds 6-10 will be very exciting games that many bettors will be spending on.

NBA Eastern Conference Standings and What to Expect

NBA Eastern Conference Top Seeds Locked InThe Milwaukee Bucks are safely at the top holding the No. 1 seed, but their first round matchup is still to be announced. The Boston Celtics have the No. 2 seed, and will face whoever wins between the Heat and the Hawks’ play-in game. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers have No. 3 seed, and will face the New Jersey Nets.

Next up, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the No. 4 seed, and will face the New York Knicks, who are No. 5 seed. The Brooklyn Nets have a play in spot, and will face both the Magic and the 76ers. You will need to check the action on your sportsbook pay per head operation because the remaining games for the play in are going to be good. You have the Miami Heat who will play the Wizards and the Hawks, the Atlanta Hawks to play the 76ers and the Celtics, and will face the Heat in the play-in.

Lastly, you have the Toronto Raptors who have yet to meet the Celtics and the Bucks, they will face the Bulls in the play-in. Lastly, you have the Bulls at the No., 10 seed, and will face the Raptors in the first round of the play-in.


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