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NBA In Season Tournament Update

NBA In Season Tournament Update

Last updated on November 18th, 2023 at 07:47 am

Much what you will see in the latest sports news will cover the NBA In Season Tournament. The inaugural in season tournament of the league is the latest addition in the NBA’s strategy to bring more entertainment to basketball. And 3 days in, we have already seen some very exciting games so far. Day 3 of the tournament had us all watching up to the final minutes of the game. One of which was an amazing upset win for the Pacers as they ended the 76ers 8-game winning streak.

Then you also have the brawl between the Timberwolves and Warriors so early into the game, the scoreboard was 0-0. The game resulted in the ejection of Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Jaden McDaniels. The Warriors lost in a very close 104-101 score. The Clippers also failed to land a win, and are 0-5 since James Harden started with them.

What to Expect in the NBA In Season Tournament

NBA In Season Tournament UpdateYour sports betting software will be taking care of the betting lines for these games. It will not be too complicated anyway, since these are also regular-season games. Thus, only the Final game for the NBA Cup will be different from the regular season schedule. But to make it easier to understand, the league has divided each conference into 3 five-team groups. These teams will play group stage games every Tuesdays and Fridays of November.

Once all of the teams in each group are done playing one another, the top eight will then advance to the knockout stage. This stage will be in early December. The eight teams will be comprised of the top 6 group winners, plus a wild card from each conference.

The games start at November 17 with 11 games on the slate, with the last knockout round on November 28. The quarterfinals will be from December 4-5, with the Semifinal on December 7. The Final will be on December 9. If the number of games each day seems intimidating for a bookie, always remember you can use bookie software to manage the lines. These sportsbook pay per head reviews will help you find the best software to help you manage your sportsbook easily.


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