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Team USA Prepares for FIBA World Cup

Team USA Prepares for FIBA World Cup

Last updated on August 26th, 2023 at 05:29 pm

In the latest sports news, the whole world is paying attention to South East Asia. There, the Philippines, along with other neighboring countries, play host to the FIBA World Cup. This year, Team USA prepares for the FIBA World Cup as they have a relatively young roster. For instance, you have the likes of Miles Bridges, Jalen Brunson, and Anthony Edwards, among others.

In previous tournaments, Team USA seems to send out an NBA-All Star team. This time around, the landscape is quite different. You have a great team, albeit young, playing against countries who have NBA superstars in their rosters. It is definitely interesting enough to pique the interest of many who love betting on basketball. This means you need to learn how to start a bookie business and get started to get in on the action.

FIBA World Cup: Will Team USA Win?

Team USA Prepares for FIBA World CupHead Coach Steve Kerr acknowledges the age of the players in his team. But he also adds that their youth, and hunger, is what will drive them to want to win basketball’s biggest tournament. And they will need to bring that passion, as their first game will be on Saturday, against the New Zealand Tall Blacks in Manila.

The coaching staff is scouting for the game play of their opponents so they can finalize their strategy and prepare well for each game they have. New Zealand will be a challenge for them. And since it will be their first official game in the tournament, there will be a lot of expectations, and attention from basketball fans and sports bettors.

The FIBA World Cup will be ongoing up until the Final game on September 10 which will be held in Manila. There are quite a lot of games, as well as prop bets that you can earn from in this tournament. This bookie pay per head software will be able to help you easily manage the many wagers you will surely be getting for the FIBA World Cup. Some noteworthy games will be those where popular NBA players will be playing for their home counties and will be working to beat Team USA.


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