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The Golden State Warriors May Not Trade for Durant

The Golden State Warriors May Not Trade for Durant

A few weeks ago, we reported this year’s free agency, and one of the most high-profile players available- Kevin Durant. Durant has requested to be traded. And one of the teams he mentioned was the Golden State Warriors. Many were wondering how that will happen. But recent news may infer than the Golden State Warriors may not trade for Durant. Of course, if you are offering odds on where Durant is heading, you may want to check your sports betting bookie software for changes in lines.

Recently, the Warrior’s General Manager, Bob Myers, spoke in an interview by There, he mentioned that the Warriors may not be doing anything major this summer. To say that getting Durant in your team as a major move is an understatement. So, this may be a sign that KD will not be heading over to Golden State. Myers said that he likes his team and where they are at. He further adds that it is a good group.

Golden State Warriors May Not Trade for Durant

The Golden State Warriors May Not Trade for DurantMany who are into basketball betting with a Bookie PPH know that a reunion between the Warriors and Durant is slightly improbable, but when the latter mentioned the team when he requested for a trade, many started to hope. Even his former players at the Warriors reportedly reached out to KD to talk about it.

But of course, a trade with that much value will not happen, especially with a team who will not give up their own high value players. After all, the Warriors have Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson headlining their roster. And when you own a sportsbook, you will see how much value a roster with this caliber can do, even with betting lines. Technically, the team can find a way to fund a trade, but the price the Brooklyn Nets might be set too high. And since the Nets have KD under contract until 2026, there is no rush for them, and they can afford to wait for a good trade.