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Betting Software Industry in North Carolina Crawls Slowly

sports betting in North Carolina

North Carolina is taking its sweet time when it comes to legislation for sports betting. As of this week, their lawmakers have passed a bill on sports betting. Unfortunately, the bill is only about studying sports betting to decide a few things related to the issue. One of which is the question if they will need to create a gaming commission.

The best sports betting software covers a lot of betting markets. Which is why US states are trying to get in on the action as well. The potential to generate revenues from taxes and licenses is a good deal for states to develop. And while sportsbook operators are already operating in other states, North Carolina wants to take its time to consider the industry first.

North Carolina and Sports Betting


sports betting in North CarolinaIts not for lack of interest, though. Both the Senate and the House have passed versions of a bill that allows for the creation of a gaming commission. The most recent bill passed includes the need to study sports betting. This bill will now be sent to the office of Gov. Roy Cooper for approval.

Barring any vetoes or party conflicts, the bill seems ready to come into law. So far, the bill will tackle the need to restructure oversight to be able to handle the current gambling options in the state. According to the bill, the state will examine activities that are currently prohibited, sports betting being one of them.

But instead of forming a commission, the oversight will seem to rest on the current State Lottery Commission. They will study the feasibility of sports betting and related matters. Of course, tribal operations will not be under the gaming commission, so the state will be looking at other viable commercial options for sports betting.

The results of the findings of this study will be due on April 2020 to a joint legislative oversight committee. Meanwhile, sports betting experts still recommend using PPH services such as Easy Pay Per Head to capture a growing betting market worldwide.