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eSports Gaining Traction During Sports Betting Slump


eSports has been gaining popularity over the last few years. In fact, eSports programs are popping up left and right in various schools across the world. A lot of bookie pay per head sportsbooks already offer the various tournaments available throughout the year. And while eSports is not a stranger to the gambling industry, we are noticing eSports gaining traction because of the coronavirus.

With Covid-19 causing suspensions of sports events around the world, the health risk to many has caused countries to lock down their borders. People are quarantined at home. And with no sports leagues to bet on (NBA and NHL are suspended, MLB is postponed), all eyes are on the eSports world.

eSports Gaining Traction in Online Gambling

esportsA lot of eSports events are usually held in flashy facilities in popular casinos around the world. But since eSports is electronic in nature, this can also be done remotely. All you need is an internet connection, just like what the pay per head sportsbook needs to be accessible.

Because of the virtual nature of eSports, many people are now discovering the various leagues and tournaments from the comforts of their homes. For example, CS:Go is already seeing a huge jump in activity. Especially since the coronavirus caused people to stay at home. A lot of sportsbooks are even covering the more popular eSports events.

And with sports betting growing in popularity, a lot of people are picking up on its potential. They are starting to discover that eSports can help them earn money in wagering. Of course, for the more traditional sports bettors, another popular option would be online casino gaming. Pay Per Head prices will vary. But some of the best will give you online casino features along with your sportsbook software, without any additional fee.