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New Jersey’s Sports Betting Revenues on the Rise

sports betting in new jersey

There is no better time to ask how to be a bookie. Sports betting in the US alone has been on the rise since last year. And looking at the numbers, revenues on the rise will be a trend that will continue on for years.

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Revenues on the Rise

sports betting in new jerseyNew Jersey is the perfect example of how the sports betting industry is growing. Revenue from July alone is now at $17.9 million for sports betting. Compared to last year’s July numbers of $3.8 million. According to the Division of Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey, The numbers for July show a 371% change.

Looking at the Year-to-date revenue, this year we have $127.5 million compared to $7.29 million from 2018. This is a whopping 1649% change. July’s Handle is at $251.3 million, from $39 million in 2018. Again, the percentages show us a 544% change.

However, a small slump was reported in sportsbook’s hold for the month, with a -27% change from 9.74% last year to 7.12% this July. The online sportsbook handle registered $213 million for July. As for where the wagers were placed, 84.76% were online sports bets. Online sportsbooks are at $213 million with retail physical sportsbooks at a generous $38.3 million.

Total gaming revenue for 2019 year-to-date is at $1.925 billion from January to July. This is a 23.2% increase from last year’s $1.563 billion. And these numbers are indicative of a growing market for online wagering. And if you have the best sportsbook outsourcing services, then you are one step closer to success.