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Online Sports Betting Growing in the US

online sports betting US

Last updated on November 17th, 2019 at 04:30 pm

The Sports Betting Industry continues to grow in the US since PASPA’s repeal finally gave states the freedom to legalize and regulate sports betting in all of the country. Of course, Nevada has always enjoyed a regulated gambling market. But instead of traveling to Vegas, people can now simply go nearby casinos and place bets on their teams. In some states, people can just go to a website or download an app to place wagers. Online sports betting has barely began, but it is already showing great promise in generating revenue for operators.

One of the things you will have to do once you learn how to be a bookie, will be to build relationships with your clients. You will need to give them fair and exciting odds, and they should be able to place bets in the easiest, most convenient way. With a growing sports betting market, competition will be tight, so building great rapport with customers will be one of your top priorities.

Online Sports Betting

online sports betting USAnd just like any pay per head sportsbook, state legislators want to profit from sports betting. New Jersey, for instance, is giving in a lot of taxes from revenues on sports betting, with online wagers taking up 85% of the action.

Indiana is the latest state to benefit from offering online sports betting as well. The state registers a handle increase of 160% at $91.7 million, with the huge spurt due to the launch of mobile sports betting in the state. And with November coming in at full-swing with the NFL and the NBA heating up, the numbers are expected to rise even more.

One clear advantage of both New Jersey and Indiana, is that they started offering online and mobile sports betting as soon as they could. They not only get to earn from their residents’ wagers, but they also attract people from neighboring states to cross over and place bets. And again, with online sports betting, all this has become easier and more accessible to residents from anywhere. In fact, the best online bookies have been using bookie software to help them manage a huge influx of players. A pay per head directory can help any would-be bookie learn which software to use. And we’re telling you, you will need it. With professional pay per head services simplifying your operations, you will have more time to focus on getting more players to join your sportsbook. This, of course, means more profit.