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Super Bowl Props

super bowl props

One of the biggest sports games of the year is just a few days away. The Chiefs and the 49ers will battle it out to win the Super Bowl on February 2. Most pay per head sportsbooks are showing lines that indicate a close game. This will be exciting, surely. But there’s nothing quite like the Super Bowl Props that you can bet on. Let’s take a look at prop bets that you can find in sites like Easy Pay Per Head and AcePerHead.

NFL Super Bowl Props

First up are National Anthem props where people can bet how long Demi Lovato will sing the national anthem. Odds show -220 at over 2 minutes, with +180 at under two minutes. Most of her outdoor performances show her going under than 2 minutes, so it may be a safe bet to do so.

Of course, there are also bets on first props, if people think that the opening kickoff will be a touchback. Yes is favored at -150, while No is +130. As for the first offensive play of scrimmage, its favored to see a run play at -140, with anything else at +120. And as for the bet on any team scoring in the first 5 ½ minutes of the game? Yes is at +120, while No is favorite at -140.

As for scoring props, we have the longest touchdown of the game with Over/Under of 44.5 yards. The favorite (and expert pick) is under at -110. As for the shortest touchdown of the game, the over under is at 1.5 yards, with under as a favorite at -160.

Other Props

As might be expected, what is the Super Bowl without halftime props? Jennifer Lopez is favored to sing Get Right first at -400, with anything else at +300. As for Shakira, She Wolf is the favored first song at -400 with anything else at +300. And such is the reputation of Jennifer Lopez that odds on her changing her wardrobe is over/under 2.5. Naturally, the favorite is over at -140.

Definitely, there are more game props, player props, and more, that people can bet on. As a bookie, you should promote your bookie business and even use your Super Bowl props as a way to entice people to bet on your sportsbook ahead of the biggest day in football.