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We offer premium pay per head services to maximize profit while providing bookies with the best sportsbook software.


For only $5 per head, bookies can easily create and operate their own sportsbook operation.


We have the latest top-of-the-line bookie management software that increases efficiency to provide a safe, secure, and customizable sportsbook.


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With years of experience in the gambling industry, we bring you the best bookie software that will be your ultimate tool to run a successful and profitable sportsbook operation.



We provide Pay Per Head Services!

We make it easy and affordable for anyone to start a bookie career through our online sportsbook betting software.

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We provide bookies with a secure software solution using the latest encryption technology. Our pph software has all the tools you will need to launch, host and run your very own sportsbook.


Aside from the sportsbook software, our pay per head software is equipped with a player management system that can monitor and generate reports, among other features.

Great User Experience

Our bookie software is carefully created with ease of use in mind. Both the bookie and their players will be able to easily find what they need with a great interface and aesthetically-pleasing layout.

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Our rate is simple, and with no hidden fees or deposits needed. You only need to pay $5 per active player per week. Here are a few things you can have with your $5:

• Sports Betting
• Live In-Game Betting
• Online Casino
• Live Casino
• Racebook
• Phone Wagering
• Online Wagering

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Be the best bookie you can be. Read our bookie tutorials for information and tips from our experts in the bookie pph industry. Get the latest gambling news right here in just one place.

How to Be a Bookie

How to Be a Bookie

If you want to learn how to be a bookie, this is the right place. Getting into the sports betting business takes a bit of an adjustment, especially if you have no experience as a sports bettor. Most people transition from betting to being a bookie, and their knowledge...

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Revenues on the Rise

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Revenues on the Rise

There is no better time to ask how to be a bookie. Sports betting in the US alone has been on the rise since last year. And looking at the numbers, revenues on the rise will be a trend that will continue on for years. A good bookie pay per head will help you get your...

Setting Wager Limits

Setting Wager Limits

When managing your players, we tend to look at getting volume. Of course, the more players you have, the more wagers you get. This means higher vig, and higher profit. But when accepting a certain number of players, you also risk a higher overhead. Part of your bookie...