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bookie tutorialOur Bookie Tutorials page will explain everything to help you become a bookie: the beginning and how to start your sportsbook, managing your sportsbook, and more. With our team’s background in sports betting and gambling, we will provide you with how-to’s and guides on bookie concerns.

Learning how to be a bookie is not as intimidating as it sounds. With our tutorials, gambling news, and pay per head services, you’ll find it easier to become a bookie. Of course, you’ll also find some expert bookie tips and advice that even current bookies can use in their sportsbooks.

Once you are comfortable with running your sportsbook, come back here at This time, you can check on other tips on how to improve your sportsbook.

Become a Successful Bookie with Our Online Bookie Tutorial

How to Be a Bookie the Fast and Easy Way

How to Be a Bookie the Fast and Easy Way

Learning how to become a bookie is one of the best things you can do if you want to earn a steady amount of income remotely. The beauty of running an online sportsbook, is that you can do it from anywhere, any time. And once you are past the How to be a bookie for Dummies reading stage, then you can safely move on to other bookie tutorials. And if you have enough knowledge on sports and sports betting, you now can open your own sportsbook. But you will need to know how to be a bookie the fast and easy way, especially if you want to cash in on the major sports leagues like the MLB, NBA, and the upcoming NFL seasons.

Sports Betting in a Pandemic

Sports Betting in a Pandemic: Key Things to Remember

We are already getting ready for the return of the most popular sports leagues in the US. Come end of July, we will be seeing professional sports leagues back in the field. As early as now, plans are slowly being revealed, and schedules are being announced. We at Easy Pay Per Head are already getting news on various leagues, teams, and players. Naturally, sportsbooks will now have odds available for players to finally bet on. A lot of people are already researching “How to be a bookie for Dummies” as they are eager to get into the sports betting business. But, with the excitement about the return of sports, bookies can easily overlook things. Here are a few things you should remember about sports betting in a pandemic.

How the Coronavirus can Impact Sports Betting

How the Coronavirus can Impact Sports Betting

The Coronavirus is reshaping how we do things – getting food, going to work, even where we work is different. Its easier for some, as most of us, especially if you know how to be a bookie, can simply work remotely from anywhere. But for some industries, like sports, things are a bit more complicated. And since sports betting closely follows sports, we need to think about how the coronavirus can impact sports betting.

bookie guide to esports

The Bookie Guide to eSports

When asked what betting events would be popular in online gambling during the coronavirus pandemic, one of the first answers we got here at Easy Pay Per Head was eSports. It is, after all, full of events that can be played 100% online. It can even be played from a safe location: such as the player’s homes. And since these games are console based, even if you were to hold an event in a specific venue, social distancing measures can be easily implemented. But what exactly is eSports? We’ve made a basic bookie guide to eSports to help you get familiar with the sport.