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Staying in touch with whats happening in the industry is the best way to ensure that your sportsbook is running on the latest news. Of course, any small changes like a player getting injured can create problems for you. Especially if your lines are not adjusting to the market. Keep in mind that any changes that happen in the events you are offering to your players can affect your payouts.

October Numbers: Arkansas Sports Betting Handle Is $6.56% for October

October Numbers: Arkansas Sports Betting Handle Is $6.56% for October

Many PPH sportsbook bookies are enjoying a steady rise in betting activity. With football season in full swing, plus the upcoming NBA season before the year ends, the numbers will be even better. Meanwhile, the Arkansas sports betting handle may be lower than other states, but it still is admirable for gaining a 65.7% increase …

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New Jersey’s Sports Betting Market is Recovering Well

New Jersey’s Betting Market is Recovering Well

During the months when the sports industry was shut down, and casinos were all closed, New Jersey’s betting market plummeted. Granted, they did not reach 0. But what little betting options people had, they took. These months became a period of transition for many aspects in the industry. People shifted to online gambling using the best sports betting software. People also started to try other online gambling options. Some wanted to earn more money, so they went online to open a sportsbook.

NBA bubble

How the Bubble Works for the NBA

The NBA restarted its season last July 30. A lot of sports bettors were eager to place their wagers, as the last NBA games were way back in March. Pay Per Head sportsbook operators were on the lookout for any announcement on the league, as many were hopeful that the NBA will do everything they can to ensure that the season continues. And the smartest solution they have come up with, is for the league to stay in a bubble for the duration of the season. Let’s find out how the bubble works for the NBA.