Bookie Tutorials

bookie tutorialOur Bookie Tutorials page will explain everything to help you become a bookie: the beginning and how to start your sportsbook, managing your sportsbook, and more. With our team’s background in sports betting and gambling, we will provide you with how-to’s and guides on bookie concerns.

Learning how to be a bookie is not as intimidating as it sounds. With our tutorials, gambling news, and pay per head services, you’ll find it easier to become a bookie. Of course, you’ll also find some expert bookie tips and advice that even current bookies can use in their sportsbooks.

Once you are comfortable with running your sportsbook, come back here at This time, you can check on other tips on how to improve your sportsbook.

Become a Successful Bookie with Our Online Bookie Tutorial

bookie guide to esports

The Bookie Guide to eSports

When asked what betting events would be popular in online gambling during the coronavirus pandemic, one of the first answers we got here at Easy Pay Per Head was eSports. It is, after all, full of events that can be played 100% online. It can even be played from a safe location: such as the player’s homes. And since these games are console based, even if you were to hold an event in a specific venue, social distancing measures can be easily implemented. But what exactly is eSports? We’ve made a basic bookie guide to eSports to help you get familiar with the sport.